A Visit With Youtube – Hedgehog

Our hedgehog Harley plays with our FRIEND’S (not ours!) kitten Loki.
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What is this song called and who sings it?
It is called ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’, originally sung by Randy Newman from Toy Story. This cover is by Alanna Matty and you can find her here:

Why is Harley in soapy water?
Hedgies take bath’s too!

Why do you own a hedgehog, isn’t it a wild animal?
This is an African Pygmy hedgehog, purchased from a breeder.
In Canada it is legal to own this type of hedgehog as a pet. It varies per country and state.

Did Loki eat Harley?
Yes, yes he did….

…no obviously not lol.

Thanks to The Sorry Girls Youtube Channel for this fun video.

My hedgehog is absolutely beautiful and she is quite shy. Her name is Cinnamon.

Have you ever touched a hedgehog?

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